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Located on the beautiful Gulf of Mexico, Biloxi, Mississippi is one of the oldest cities in America. Originally settled in 1699 Biloxi continues to grow while paying homage to its history. The city of Biloxi has a culture richly steeped in the maritime industry and it's multi-cultural roots. Residents are proud of our beautiful beaches and year round schedule of festivals and celebrations that showcase, what we believe, is the true epitome of “Southern Hospitality”.


The Edgewater Inn is conveniently located in the heart of Biloxi. Warm sandy beaches are only a short stroll away as well as many attractions. Guests of the Edgewater Inn, known as the “Coast’s Unique Inn” find it a perfect place to relax and explore the truly one of a kind city of Biloxi, MS.”

Attractions Near Edgewater Inn

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