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The Edgewater Inn is the best place to stay on the Gulf Coast!

Joy Wrote:

My wife and I have stayed along the Gulf Coast from the Panhandle of FL, AL, MS, LA, to TX, and we can unequivocally attest to the fact that the Edgewater Inn is the best.


As a family owned and operated establishment, Mrs. Barbara Weiter is the General Operating Manager while her husband, Bernie, is the Facilities Manager.  Both of these individuals are outstanding innkeepers.  They are friendly and genuinely personable in that they sincerely strive to ensure that each of their guests have a most pleasant stay.


The attentive front desk clerks, who also provide concierge services, are equally dedicated as are the meticulous members of the housekeeping staff with outstanding and prompt attention to detail.


Each spacious, charming, and attractive room and suite at the Inn is individually appointed with a warm, personable touch that makes you feel right at home.  With a cozy decor, the Inn is definitely not a sterile “big box” chain hotel; the ambiance is invitingly distinct, unique, and comfortable.


We highly recommend the Edgewater Inn without any reservations.  We've been guests there for years.  It's been our go-to destination where we spend months to escape the frigid Ole Man winter in Maine.  You certainly will not be disappointed with their hospitality at very reasonable short-term and competitive long-term extended-stay rates.


Ralph & Bonnie Duncan

Little Deer Isle, Maine


The people greeting me were so helpful and friendly. I was exhausted after a long day, so they were so appreciated. Then, the room was just right, clean, comfortable, having refrigerator, microwave and coffee pot. I couldn’t ask for more.

Mrs. Barbara,


          My husband and I checked into the Edgewater in the very early hours of Saturday June 7th. Although it's Sunday and we're checking out I would like to thank you for an amazing stay. 


          The past year has been a nightmare for both he and I. He fell at work and broke his neck and had to have two spinal fusions. That in itself put a huge financial strain on us. I work but he was the "bread winner". Work comp was an absolute joke in comparison to what a paycheck was. I pressed on and attempted to make things work but was slowly drowning. To add insult to injury; I was diagnosed 6 months later with Type 2 Diabetes. Still able to work though and keep pressing on. My husband was able to go back to work with some restrictions 6 months after his accident. He tried, I tried but our home that we just purchased 2 years ago went into foreclosure. It was time to file bankruptcy to simply save our home. 


          Two months later I am sitting in a room here at the Edgewater absolutely dreading the drive home. This was a very impromptu trip. We've been saving every dime we could and simply needed to walk away. I start a new job tomorrow so we came here for a small get away. With all the mess in the past year I have been having major anxiety attacks to the point of needing an inhaler and anxiety meds.

For the past 36 hours I have not used my inhaler or taken one single med. Thank you!


         We needed a few extra things in the room. 2 towels, bigger pillows for my husband (he still has problems with his neck), toilet paper and he wanted more coffee. The staff was more than accommodating and very friendly. It was truly appreciated. I tried to make sure the room was decent upon our exit to not cause any unnecessary cleaning. 


         Thank you again. We will be back. Not sure when with our situation; but when we come back we will seek to stay here. 



                                   Many Thanks, 

                             Ron & Amy 


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